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Weather Realism Overhaul: Real World Weather in The Sims 4!

Posted 8 months ago
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Hello, fellow simmers! We continue in the quest to make The Sims 4 as life-like as possible, and today I present to you the Weather Realism Overhaul mod by no12!
WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? The Weather Realism Overhaul changes the way the game handles weather events and forecasts, making it work more like in real life. Features include: Forecasts Aren’t Always Accurate: In The Sims 4, if the forecast says it will be a sunny hot day, it will be a sunny hot day no doubt. This mod changes that completely! Forecasts are not always that accurate, and if your sunny hot day plans can be ruined by a thunderstorm at any moment in real life, so it should be in this life-simulation game. Any theater condition can happen with Weather Realism! Tweaked Weather Forecasts: All forecasts' names have been changed and new varieties added to complement the new events: Warm Fog (June Gloom), Showers, more intensities of rain, etc. All forecasts now display daytime temperature as well as the weather event, so you can get an idea of what the temperature will be like on that day.
Visual Changes: Cloud covers, weather transitions, and how water puddles form have been changed. Other Changes: This mod makes minor changes to lighting settings and forecasts thresholds as well. Worlds' Weather Changed: Weather for all worlds has been remade to match real-world locations!
  • Oasis Springs, Science Lab: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Willow Creek, Hospital, Police Station, Magnolia Promenade: Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Newcrest: Vancouver, BC
  • Glimmerbrook: Cascade Gorge, Oregon
  • Britechester, Henford-on-Bagley: Oxford, UK
  • Evergreen Harbor: Trieste, Italy
  • Mt. Komorebi: Sapporo, Japan
  • Sulani: St.Lucia
  • Strangerville: Roswell, New Mexico
  • Del Sol Valley: Los Angeles, California
  • Selvadorada: Manacapuru, Brazil
  • Brindleton Bay: Portland, Maine
  • Forgotten Hollow: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • San Myshuno: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Windenburg: Rostock, Germany
  • Granite Falls: Lungern, Switzerland
All based on this temperature scale:
  • Freezing - <0 C / <32 F
  • Cold - 0 - 10 C / 32 - 50 F
  • Cool - 10 - 20 C / 50 - 68 F
  • Warm - 20 - 30 C / 68 - 86 F
  • Hot - 30 - 35 C / 86 - 95 F
  • Heatwave - >35 C / >95 F
There's even a location in Brazil and I loved it! HOW DO I USE IT? 1. Download the mod here: https://simsdom.net/downloads/135580/weather-realism-overhaul-by-no12-sims4?recommended=1 2. Install it. If you don't know how to install mods in The Sims 4, read this: https://simsdom.net/en/tutorial/downloading-installing-and-activating-mods-and-custom-content-in-the-sims-4-1987 WARNING: The Weather Realism Overhaul will conflict with any other mod that changes weather events, forecasts, forecast lists for worlds, general weather tuning, or lightning. Don't forget to check for incompatible files before installing! And that's it! The changes should apply immediately. I hope you like this mod as much as I do! And don't forget to send the creator some love. Happy simming!
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