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New Vaping Mod for The Sims 4!

Posted 8 months ago
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Hello, fellow simmers! In searching for some ways to make my stories in-game more realistic, I stumbled upon this vaping mod. I thought it could add to my game since some of my Sims are smokers, and vaping seems to be a "healthier" alternative. So today I present you with the Vaping mod by Necrodog! WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? It adds a vape object and its box to The Sims 4, along with new vaping animations. HOW DO I USE IT? 1. Download the mod here: https://simsdom.net/downloads/108131/vaping-mod-by-necrodog-sims4?recommended=1 2. Install the mod. If you don't know how to install mods in your game, read this tutorial first: https://simsdom.net/en/tutorial/downloading-installing-and-activating-mods-and-custom-content-in-the-sims-4-1987 3. Enter Build Mode and find the vape box in Electronics > Miscellaneous, or by typing e-cig inside the search box. Place it on a surface your Sim can access.
Switch to Live Mode. Now, the only thing left to do is click the box > Vape E-Cig.
Your Sim will perform the vaping animation, releasing the smoke in circles and then in a thick cloud:
And when the action is over, the Sim will gain a happy moodlet:
Pretty cool, huh? I hope you like this mod! Happy simming!
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