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How to Make Recolors for The Sims 4

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I think we all have wished for easy recolor tools in-game at least once with The Sims 4. The third version of the game featured those tools, and I could spend hours and hours in Create a Style. The removal of those tools with no decent reason in Sims 4 made lots of us, Simmers, mad as heck! So, how do we work around that, and create our styles for The Sims 4 objects? The answer? Recolors! In this tutorial, I'll show you a simple way to make your recolors for objects in The Sims 4, in 12 easy steps! Difficulty: Intermediary What You'll Need: Sims 4 Studio [ https://sims4studio.com/ ] and a 2D editor, I'll use Photoshop Online [ http://www.photoshoponline.net.br/ ], but you can use Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or any other image editor of your preference. ⭐ Getting Started ⭐ Download and install Sims 4 Studio, open it, and enter your Creator Name. It can be any name you go for, a nickname, whatever. But you'll need one to make recolors. Mine is AquelaMariene.
Once you set this up, follow the steps to make a recolor: 1. Select Standalone Recolor below Object, then click the Object button. It will open a menu with all the objects within your game.
2. Choose the object you want to recolor. You can filter your search by game pack and content. I'll choose The Introspective Contemplation Stool, from Spa Day. Once you selected your object, click Next and save the package wherever you want so you can access it later.
3. A window will open. There will be four tabs: Catalog, Texture, Meshes, and Tags. Here's a quick explanation of each one: 3-a. In the Catalog tab, you can change the name, description, and price of your recolor. 3-b. In the Texture tab, you can change the swatches, import and export thumbnails, and textures. 3-c. In the Meshes tab, you can import and export 3D meshes. We won't be using this tab in this tutorial. 3-d. In the Tags tab, you can change the tags of your recolor. I'll be using only the Color tags for this tutorial.
4. After you changed the name, description, and price of your recolor, go to the Texture tab. Eliminate the swatches you don't need by selecting them and clicking Remove Swatch. I'll remove all except one, just because Sims 4 Studio won't let us have zero swatches. 5. Export the texture by clicking Export below the Texture panel. Save it as PNG.
6. Import the saved texture to your 2D editor and change the colors and textures as you please. The way you'll do it, depends on what editor you are using. After you recolored your texture, export it as a PNG again. 7. Click the Import button on the Texture panel and import your new texture. You can see if it's working in the visualization panel, on the left side of the window.
8. Change the thumbnail swatches to match your recolor. To do it, just click the color box and choose a new one. 8-b. You can also import a new swatch thumbnail image by clicking the Import button to the right of the colors. The image must be square, 64x64 pixels, for this thumbnail. I'll not be adding one just because I prefer color swatches, but you can do it as you wish.
9. Import a thumbnail for the catalog. This is the image that will appear as a thumbnail when you search for the object in-game, and you can add one for each swatch. This image must be square also, but you can make it bigger than swatch thumbnails. I'll use a 131x131 image, that is a simple screenshot of the visualization that I cropped to be square.
10. Go to the Tags tab and check the colors of your recolor. I'll check light-brown and grey.
11. To create more swatches of the same recolor, click Add Swatch and repeat steps 6 to 10. 12. Hit Save, and you're done! To use your new recolor, place the package you created in your Mods folder. Here's how mine appears in-game:
And a screenshot of my Sim, Mira, using it to meditate:
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Any doubts, questions, leave it in the comments below. See you in the next post!
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